Please join me in ushering in a new century of peace and prosperity, where we all have clean air to breathe, water to drink, and food to eat; where all are treated equally and have respect for each other regardless of our race, nationality, how we worship or who we love; a century that will fulfill the promise of America, of freedom, justice, equality and opportunity for all.

There is evidence that both the Syrian government of Bashar al-Assad as well as the armed opposition groups aligned against him have used chemical weapons (CW) during the Syrian war. 

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Tulsi's Motive: To Save the People and Planet from Annihilation

I love this country and would do anything to protect the American people.


To respect you — that is my personal commitment

It is my personal commitment to you that I will always treat you, and all my fellow Americans, with respect. Everyone deserves respect no matter their race, religion, or political views or affiliation.


I'll speak to every American

I go on Tucker Carlson, I go on Bret Baier, I go on Sean Hannity, I go on MSNBC, I go on CNN—I am here to speak to every single American in this country about the unifying leadership that I want to bring as president, not just speak to those who agree with me.