Countdown is on

Posted by Tulsi Volunteer
December 10th, 2019

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TODAY is when we must come together and take bold action to ensure Tulsi’s important and singular message, for our country and our people, wins the day.

We’ve set an ambitious, but necessary, fundraising goal of raising $1 million dollars before the end of this last FEC fundraising deadline of the year. And if we’re going to get our message directly to as many voters as possible — with increasingly pricey and competitive TV and digital ads and on-the-ground organizing efforts — we will need to ramp up our spending over the coming days.

Will you rush $17, $27, $50 or whatever you can afford right now to get us there?

Every single second of airtime Tulsi has to spread her message of a government of, by and for the people, to lift our voices against the corporate war machine, to speak truth to establishment power, counts.

That means so much more than being on a debate stage delivering 60 second soundbites to the corporate mainstream media and its viewers. It means being ready to launch hard-hitting TV and digital ads in the early states of Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina on January 1, and it means mobilizing our grassroots volunteers to get Tulsi’s name on the ballot in every state starting now.

We’ve been steadily gaining in the polls in the states where we’ve been investing resources; TV and digital ads in Iowa and New Hampshire, organizing efforts on the ground. Now, we need to spend big — and raise big — before the critical end of year fundraising deadline.

Will you step it up and help Tulsi end this pivotal year in a stronger position than ever?

Our longshot campaign is punching well above its weight, but where we can really flex our strategic advantage is in primaries like New Hampshire, where voters on the ground have actually had the chance to meet and speak with each candidate for themselves, rather than through the biased lens of the corporate media. We’ve got tough competition in these early states; every candidate knows that a top 3 finish equals critical momentum that we need to carry us through to the very end. Tulsi is currently in a great position to come out in front — she’s polling at #5 consistently in New Hampshire, and is steadily rising. We can get her over the line.

Together, we will take back our democracy from the corrupt and out-of-touch elite and return our government to one that truly serves We, the People.

Thank you for your service to our bold mission for a future with peace, human dignity, true equality and environmental protection for all.

Caitlin for Tulsi